Maintenance Plan

Order Your Maintenance Plan

You have a website but don’t have the skills or the time to keep it looking fresh, clean, and up to date. Face Lift Promotions created this special maintenance plan with you in mind. Normally the cost of maintaining a website starts at $75 – $120 per hour. We decided to keep the price at a special low rate.  You’ll get 2 hours of service for $100.  We’ll maintain your website until your time is completed.  The best part of this plan, you don’t have to pay a recurring fee it’s a one-time service charge to get started.

The Maintenance Plan will cover every area of your website.  Normally, you have to pay for a single project but not with MP.  We’ll update your content, design a flyer for your website, design graphics, update your calendar, or create a web page.

Buy your Maintenance Plan in bulk and save money.

How does it work?

  •  Order at least a 2-hour Maintenance Plan for $100.
  •  Request your project a minimum of 72 hours prior to starting.
  •  Describe your project with details.
  •  We track the design process within the client portal and save you money.